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Carya Illinoensis : Pecan

Trees for sale

Healthy young Pecan trees are now available for sale at $10 for a single tree. All plants are at least 1.2m high and in 450mm high 7 litre bags. Reduced rates for large numbers. Local pickup - or we can arrange delivery.

Trees are very healthy, on average 30 months old and 1.2 metres in height.

Native to the USA, they grow very well in many parts of Australia. The largest pecan plantation in the Southern Hemisphere is in Moree on the northwest plains of NSW.

Pecans grow very well in many coastal locations in Ausralia. The trees grow to 30m and produce the edible pecan nut after several years.

Pecans develop a long tap root and are able to seek out deep subsoil moisture once established - which is why they will grow even in arid inland areas.

Altitudinal range from near sea level to 1500 m.

A very popular tree in cultivation, it is an attractive deciduous tree that has a dense crown and produces beautiful flushes of new growth each spring.

Each tree produces several kilograms of delicious and nutritious nuts, beginning to bear after after 5 to 7 years.

It is also grown as an ornamental , tree and being deciduous will lose its leaves in winter after putting on a brilliant display of colour in the autumn .

Small Can grow to a height of approximately 30 metres but are easy to trim.

This species produces millable logs.
Pecans can grow for hundreds of years and continue to bear nuts for generations..

A pecan tree is an inter-generational investment - a gift to future generations!

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