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Cultivation Notes ...


  • Cold climate seeds   Most seed is fairly easily germinated although a few varieties from colder areas may need stratification.  This is implemented by placing the seeds in the coldest part of a refrigerator in a plastic bag for about 4 weeks prior to sowing.

  • Seed Mixture    Seed compost should be made up of one third (1/3) sieved peat moss, one third coarse river sand and one third sieved garden loam. Add to this mixture one level tablespoon of blood and bone fertilizer per 10 litre container of compost.  Alternatively prepared seed raising mixture can be purchased from any gardening store.


  • Sterilization of compost  Although not essential, it is a good idea to sterilize compost as it kills any weed seeds in the mixture. Place a non-flammable container of the mixture in a hot oven for a short time and on removal cover to retain the heat for as long as possible.  

  • Hard-coated seeds  Wattles, palms etc react well to soaking or rubbing on a piece of fine sandpaper.

  • Sowing  As a rule - the larger the seed, the deeper it is sown.  Fine seeds need special care and very fine seeds may be surface-sown by being mixed with a little sand.  Dust-like seeds should be sown on the surface and gently pressed into the soil.  Do not cover with soil but cover with a sheet of paper which should be removed when germination starts.

  • Watering   Water lightly using a watering can preferably containing the correct concentration of ZINEB (tm) or a similar protectant fungicide. Dilute 15g (two heaped tablespoons) of ZINEB with 10 litres of water.

  • Palms and other large seeds   These can be easily germinated by placing seeds in a plastic bag of slightly-sieved peat moss to which a little fungicide has been added.  Tie the top of the bag and place in a warm spot  near a window and out of the sun until sprouts appear.  When this occurs - plant the seeds out in pots. Note that some palms may be very slow to germinate.

  • Acacia, Hardenbergia, Carob and Kennedya seeds   These seeds should be placed in a container and have boiling water poured over them and left to soak for 24 hours prior to sowing.

                                 Happy cultivating !

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